Baked Alaskan by William Scarborough

William Scarborough decided after reading a Larry McMurty novel that he could write a book just as good. While he now admits that his first notion was a lot easier to say than to do, he did do just that.

First off he took graduate classes in writing. In the 12 years since he made the decision to become an author, he has written two other novels. Scarborough has a deep love of fishing, the state of Alaska and corporate finance. The last coming from his years as an investment advisor at Raymond James in Dallas, Texas. He still lives in Dallas with his wife and two daughters.

For Baked Alaskan

he put all of his loves together and created a twisting, exciting and very easy-reading adventure story.
His main character, Billy Ray Dent, is a former Texas Ranger and security professional turned fishing expedition tour guide on a lake in Texas. When a former colleague hires him for the day and gets shot on his bass boat, there is non-stop action. It starts in East Texas, moves to a raging Alaskan river and then on to the streets of Manhattan.

Dent is presented as an "every man" who gets caught up in an act of espionage, murder, the Russian mafia and with the girlfriend of the man who was his friendliest former co-worker, Darian Tonelli. Darian is smart, beautiful, persuasive and manages to keep the two of them one step ahead of the assassins who are hunting them down for a computer chip that would revolutionize how the world views television.

Cole Parker is the deceased who unknowingly brings trouble to Billy Ray. Not only does he get put into the receiving end of being in a blood hunt, but he loses several close lake "buddies" and has to deal with not knowing who's "safe" and who's "the enemy".

Darian loses her lover, her job and is betrayed by her best friend in Alaska-who makes sure that it is he who points the assassins in her and Dent's direction.

How do they make nice with the Russian mafia, the German assassin, save their lives and find out that they are the real true soul mates of Baked Alaskan?

This is something that you dear reader will have to discover for yourself, by picking up a copy of William Scarborough's third novel.